Channeling by Life Portraits 2013


Life Portraits at The Body, Soul & Spirit Expo - Calgary 2009

Life Portraits at The Body, Soul & Spirit Expo - Saskatoon 2009

Aura Imaging: How it Works 2009 


Rising Women Magazine: May 2008
I read that chakra’s relate to energy points. What impact do they have on the physical being?

Rising Women Magazine: March 2008
I hear the word “Aura” at many holistic and spiritual venues. What is an Aura? 


Your Invisible Bodies: A Reference for Children and Adults about Human Energy Fields
By Sharon Montgomery, Words by Montgomergy, Second Edition 2009 


U tube video / Shaw TV
Soul works with Jeni Cousins You tube Jeni Cousins (Soul Work)
Host & Producer with guest Gloria Bieber


Top 100 Magazine publication 2012
Madison Who’s Who 2012
For commitment and dedication to excellence

Madison Who’s Who 2012
Honours for having demonstrated exemplary achievements and distinguished contributions to the business community

Women of distinction Magazine 2015

"We are honored to have the opportunity to share and highlight your professional achievements and future goals. The Women of Distinction Magazine is a publication designed to showcase the great women of the world who are making a difference in their profession and community. It is clear based on your selection that you are an industry leader based on exemplifying the qualities of Leadership, Citizenship, and Professionalism."

New York Strathmore Who’s Who and Americas Registry 2015 Honours at Times square May 8 2015


Life Portraits founder, world-renowned psychic Gloria Bieber offered intensive aura readings. Bieber appeared in association with Silver sponsor Our Angels Center for Well Being.
VIP guests lucky enough to book time with Bieber had their photos taken while their hands rested on top of a sensor. Bieber then interpreted the results.

Life Portrait representative Melanie Cooley explained the process. “A picture of the vibrations around your body, your aura, is taken. You vibrate at a different level and a color comes across. The photos shows the seven chakras in your body, it they’re aligned or if there’s something a bit off.”


Life Portraits–This is the second time that we girls were lucky enough to have caring Canadian, Gloria Bieber, read our auras. Alice said, it was “such an amazing experience; it definitely gave me a great insight into self-realization.” 

Gloria Bieber



When fear creeps in-just smile and say; “I know you not-don’t come my way!” Just clothe your thoughts with feelings strong; Of Joy and Harmony and exalt a throng!
There is no need to live in dread; To cringe and cower in complete dismay. Pickup your armor and in fear’s stead; Walk in Harmony all the Way! By Violet Bieber, Pearls Along The Way, Carlton Press: 1975


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