Everyone has an Aura without it we would not exist.  An electromagnetic energy field called an aura surrounds every living organism. This energy field vibrates at different frequencies, reflecting colours that denote your state of mind, body and inner being. Your aura colours are determined by physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states of being. The colours of your aura are neither good nor bad. Every colour has a polarity and unique representation relating to the individual. The aura can be analyzed by examining its three regions:

Left Side (Female | Yin | Future)
The colour on the left side is normally the vibration coming into your being. It is what you feel inside but might not express.

Head or Centre (Thoughts | Beliefs | Experiences)
The colour over your head is what you experience for yourself now. It reflects what you think or believe at that moment and shows your current state of mind.

Right Side ( Male | Yang | Expression)
The colour on your right side in traditionally the energy being expressed, the qualities most likely seen or felt by others around you. It is what you are putting out to the world.

Deep Red: Physical, hardworking, realistic, active, vital, grounded, strong, stamina, self overpowering, sometimes survival struggles

Red: Physical, energetic, competitive, strong leader, achiever, winner, courageous, will power, sexual energy, entrepreneur, promoter

Orange: Pleasure, enjoyment, challenge, thrill, positive, action oriented, productive, physical and creative expression, adventure, good business energy

Orange / Yellow: Analytical, intellectual, logical, structure, security, scientific, honest, perfectionist, precise in thoughts and actions, often too detail oriented

Yellow: Playful, sunny, creative, fun, learning, entertainer, optimistic, warm, charming and generous, easy going

Green: Social, nature, content, harmony, teacher, loves to communicate and share with others, most social type, perfect host or hostess

Deep Green: Quick minded, goal oriented, often very wealthy, communicative, loves luxury, responsible, organized, ambitious planner, tends to be too materialistic

Blue: Caring, sensitive, loving, loyal, compassionate, peaceful, desire to help and support others, nurturing, shy, introverted

Indigo: Calm, deep, inner feelings, seeker, introverted, inner knowing, authentic, high sense of inner values, artistic

Violet: Intuitive, idealistic, magical, sensual, theorist, futurist, visionary, charismatic, non-conformist, innovative

Lavender: Imaginative, mystical, daydreamer, fantasy, soft, creative, erratic, fragile, sensitive, unrealistic, spacey

White: Transcendent, transformation, healing, quiet, sensitive, lives in higher dimension, strong spiritual connection

To live each day in harmony; Is my fervent hope-my prayer. But in the struggles of the day; The doubts and fears are there. Then as each night appears; And all is peace and silence. I plan my strategy for tomorrow; And know that God is my alliance. And as the dawn approaches; I am thankful for the new day. To conquer where I failed before. Each battle won-I’ll find the Way! By Violet Bieber, Pearls Along The Way, Carlton Press: 1975


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