There are seven main chakras in our body. These energy centers are aligned in an ascending column from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Each chakra is associated with a certain color, function and distinguishing characteristic. Chakras are analyzed based on their individual shape and vibrancy. Round, circular chakras denote a balanced energy system, while non-circular or blurred chakras show an imbalance in your energy centers. The seven chakras aligned in our bodies, provide insight on the following areas of our lives:

First Chakra: Root: Red
This chakra is the energy of the physical plane and material reality. It is the centre of manifestation and the place from which passion flows: the source of power and ego development

Second Chakra: Navel: Orange
The colour of this chakra reflects creativity, sociability, emotional life and sexuality. This chakra is the position from which one reaches out, expands and relates to others.

Third Chakra: Solar Plexus: Yellow
This chakra rules mental activity and is the centre of your ego and personal power. It regulates the life force in the body, giving energy to your dreams and goals, allowing you to take action.

Fourth Chakra: Heart: Green
This is the centre of teaching and healing, the chakra of self respect and love, as well as the meeting place for the mind, body and spirit. Balance and a strong connection to nature is found here.

Fifth Chakra: Throat: Blue
This chakra governs the ability to express ideas and to speak your truth clearly. The throat is all about clear communication, inspiration and artistic expression.

Sixth Chakra: Third Eye: Violet
This centre above the eyebrow is the seat of intuition, spiritual will, connecting ideas and developing a ‘picture’ of the world. It is the idealistic place representing your imagination and desires.

Seventh Chakra: Crown: White
Inner knowledge, enlightenment, connection with higher planes of consciousness and spiritual truth are seated in the crown chakra. White is the perfect merging of all colours.

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